The World of Escorts and Paid-For Sex

The United States goes along with the notion that gender is a binary concept — that there are basically just two genders (women and men) based on two sexes (female and male), and that everybody has to fit only one or the other. In contrast to this theory, some societies have third-gender classifications that are used as a foundation for a gender identity by people who don’t necessarily identify with the gender associated with their biological sex.

There is a lot of confusion and perplexity about the differences of men, women, transvestites, cross-dressers and transgenders. Understandable. However, there is one thing all groups of people have in common — a need for sex. And, often, a need for paid sex. There is always someone there to fill that need. Thank goodness for escorts!

This website is all about sex, and mostly about escorts and escort services. Enjoy.

Discover Where Your G-spot Is And Seal His Devotions To You Forever

Ladies, have you ever been in the middle of sex when your guy thrust at a certain angle and, hello, a wave of pleasure that’s different, deeper and so damn good washes all over your body?

It was probably he just hit your G-spot! And I bet you want more of that.

As an escort, I’ve had sex with many men (surprise, surprise!). Most men who I’ve had sex with have their own satisfaction in mind, not mind (fair enough, you’re paying for the sex). But some of them have really turned me on. Whether they were trying or not doesn’t really matter. It’s just that those lucky guys got it right.

Escort Orgasm

Why do I say “those lucky guys”? Because if a man is turning on a woman, that woman can’t help but really get in to the sex. It certainly isn’t an act, or a chore. So, guys, if you want to get the best sex out of your date with an escort, pay attention to what she’s responding to and then keep doing what you’re doing.

Women, you don’t just have to wait for that happy incident to repeat itself unknowingly. Rather, you need to discover where your juicy G-spot is and keep enjoying mind blowing superlative pleasure all the time his member strokes you.

If you are ready, then let’s show you how to find your G-spot. The directions are so clear, they are like GPRS.

First up, one reason why women find it difficult locating their G-spt is because it’s hard to see if you are not turned on. It is made from erectile tissues that harden when you are aroused.

You can stroke your clit and once you are turned on then slide a finger into your vagina. The G lies about half an inch to 2 inches inside along the front wall of the vagina and it is spongy.

Next, explore the front wall carefully and curl up your fingertip as if you are gesturing someone to ‘come here’.

Your ‘G’ is located right beside the urethra, the tube through which urine passes, so touching it makes you feel like you want to pee. Ignore it! That sensation will quickly subside and be replaced with that intense pleasure.

Like the clit, the G’ can be incorporated in countless ways into every stage of sex, from foreplay to orgasm, making what you already thought was an amazing experience into an even more passionate and deeply intimate moment.

The good news is you won’t be the only one reaching a whole new level of satisfaction. As your man uses the tricks, touches and positions to turn you on, he’ll get more intimate with you.

By the time you get to the grand finale — the blended G-gasm — you won’t know where his body ends and yours begins!

Putting Life Before My Escort Work

I currently have two vacation opportunities coming this year and I am ecstatic about it!

I absolutely do want to go on holiday because I am well over due for a getaway. But I seem to keep finding excuses not to travel. Being an escort you need to stay busy, and you need to be available for your regular clients. I keep thinking that if I go on vacation, I may miss a job opportunity here, or a might lose an escort client who ends up turning to some other Las Vegas escort service. So, I constantly find ways to prioritize work instead, and freeze my vacation plans until next year. Which is totally wrong.

That’s the way I am. Always worried about work, when I know work isn’t worried about me. It’s something that I know I shouldn’t do, seeing as I am so ‘pro-live-your-life-to-the-fullest.’ So here are some ways to put your life before work because that is what is most important. Without life, how can you even work in the first place?

Vegas Escort at Work

When you leave work, stop working and stop thinking about it, because your boss isn’t paying you for those extra physical and mental efforts that are not part of your contract.

Don’t forget friends exist, especially on the weekends. Go out and do something with them. One big way to miss out on life and all its fun aspects is by not socializing with friends. Make some friends outside of your area of work, otherwise when you’re out together all you’ll end up talking about is work. I know this first hand. Many of my friends are also escorts, and when we do go out socially, guess what we end up talking about? Right. The escort business, clients we like, clients we don’t care much for, and so forth. Enough already!

Your happiness comes first. Life is too short to work a job you hate. Honestly. I know this from experience (not referring to escorting here).

Looking back to when I was a student at college, I worked retail and hospitality jobs (just for the money) that I ended up hating. I really regret it because I would have been just fine if I didn’t do those jobs. I missed out on plenty of weekends doing fun things with my friends.

If I could turn back the hands of time and re-live that period of my life, I would have swapped my weekend job for wining and dining with friends, going to the gym, doing college work or even sleeping in late.

Take as much time as you need to get to a better place mentally. Your mental health is very important. We often place importance on physical health and not enough on the mind, which basically is what we function with. After a full day working as an escort, I’ve found that sitting quietly without distractions for even just a half hour relaxes me and gives me a better outlook on life. This article in Slate has some interesting things to say about escort life.

If you feel like work is taking it’s toll on you, do something about it and find ways to minimize the stress.

Hopefully, these tips can help or inspire someone out there.

I realized a few years ago that I was not going to settle for the life that most people settle for. Working just to to pay bills, forgetting to enjoy and appreciate life. Sometimes I forget that belief and end up overworking myself. Then quickly, I remember my aim, which is to be free and happy. I believe that you should do what makes you happy.